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Find Your Tribe.

Urban Leisure is designed for like-minded creators and innovators on the path to a greater financial future.

Co-living For Empowerment

Urban Leisure offers fully furnished living spaces with designs that represent the community that surrounds us. Because co-living is all about strength in community, our common space is thoughtfully designed to facilitate connections with like-minded individuals on the path to a greater financial future.

We create a balanced environment by providing you with the opportunity to assess the areas of opportunity in your life and provide coaching in order to help you maximize your full potential.


Engage with growth minded individuals encouraging you to live life to the fullest.


Create financial pathways through social impact with our educational tools.


Embrace a state of balance within the body, mind, and spirit, to reach individual goals.

At Urban Leisure, we pride our values with these four well-being principles.

Financial Education Programming

Gain control of your Financial well being with our Financial Education Programming and guidance.

Emotional Well-Being

Gain a feeling of purpose and meaning in life through personal growth and development.

Social Well-Being

Be apart of an environment where people are able to co-exist peacefully, cultivate healthy relationships for personal growth.

Physical Well-Being

Join our community where we pride taking care of ourselves physically, rewarding us to live in a balanced state of body, mind, and spirit.

What We Offer

Gain all the benefits and perks of joining our community.


WiFi, Coffee, Dishwasher, Air Conditioning, High-end Kitchen Appliances, smartTV, Netflix


On Demand Services, Housekeeping, Food Services


Community Events, Special Guests, Social Gatherings, and Speakers


Bedding, Cleaning Supplies, Towels, Toiletries, Water


Professionally installed security system, Background Checks, Cleaning Services

Co-Working Space

Quiet community co-working spaces and workstations

Paid Services

Healthy Meal Prep, Private Room Cleaning, Laundry and Grocery Services

Financial Coaching

Financial Audit, Budgeting, Savings Plan, Goal Setting and Accountability

Well-being Programming

Understand the benefits of being balanced within to produce creative results

With our strong sense of building a community, join Urban Leisure and upgrade your life.

Join the community with like-minded individuals.

Visit our Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, New York Co-living locations.

Join The Community